Dr Elizabeth Denley

Dr Elizabeth Denley holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biological Sciences, from the University of Sydney, Australia (1981). Elizabeth has been involved in values and ethics education and training since 1996, for both children and adults, with a particular emphasis on communication and teamwork. Since 1999, Elizabeth also worked with international companies, as Managing Director for the Australian operations of two global IT companies with their main development centres in India, and subsequently her own consulting business. She is a mother of two, a musician and writer, and spends much of her time these days working on publications for Heartfulness.

Overview Introductory Content & Resources

Relationships are all about communication on every level - through words, body language, thoughts and feelings, the interplay of vibrational fields, and most importantly from heart to heart in silence. Our maturity as human beings is reflected in how we go about this: Are we givers or takers? Are we conscious or unconscious of the way we relate with others? What effect do we have on others? This webinar will explore how spiritual practice and self-development can help us to mature in the way we relate to others, enriching the lives of all those with whom we come into contact.

Past Series

TopicDateWatch Now
Ambition VS Aspiration17-Sep-2016Watch Now
Relationships20-Aug-2016Watch Now
Contemplation and Leadership09-Jul-2016Watch Now
Time Management18-Jun-2016Watch Now
Decision Making In Corporates21-May-2016Watch Now
Leadership By Heart29-Mar-2016Watch Now
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